Module 1, Lesson 1
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Welcome to the Accelerator Program

Welcome, and congratulations once again on your commitment to yourself by joining the Health Dynamics Accelerator Program, start by watching the video below as Jo Formosa welcomes you to the program.

This is where we’ll be delivering your content for the program (and you’ll soon see why we call it the Netflix of health 🙂

You have immediate access to this section, the Orientation Section, and each month you will be given access to fresh content relating to the theme for that month.

There is a lot of content to absorb, but don’t be overwhelmed by it all or feel pressured to watch/read it all at once. And on the other hand, don’t put off watching/reading the content either…

Go through as much of it as you can before your monthly appointment, so you can ask your practitioner any questions arising, and then the rest you can review after your appointment.

Speaking of appointments, you’ll see that you can book your monthly consults from here within the portal. Your allocation for the Accelerator Program should be showing, including your Strategy Consult (if you haven’t had that yet) and your Monthly Consults.

You can book as far ahead as you wish but make sure you only book one a month, and that you book with the correct Doctor/Practitioner that has been assigned to you.

We will get you acquainted with other features on the platform in the weeks and months ahead.

Enjoy the journey!!

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