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Vata Body type

Pakruti = Our Unique Nature

Knowledge of your body type enables you to evolve to a more ideal state of health. One of the things that Ayurveda is best known for is its idea of ‘Constitution’, Or ‘Prakriti’ in Sandskrit.

The Vata Body Type

Understanding Vata Prakruti (Vata Personality)

The Vata body type, or dosha, integrates the elements of air and ether and represents movement in the body

  • Light body frame and low body weight
  • Less stamina and resistance to disease
  • Constipation and weight loss very common
  • Voice is either low and hoarse or high- pitched
  • Light and quick, or frail movement
  • Talkative
  • Light, interrupted sleep
  • Visible network of veins on hands and legs
  • Nature and emotions are variable
  • Quick initiation of action, spontaneous
  • Quickness in passion, affection, aversion or disinclination
  • Learns quickly, tends to forget quickly
  • Lively, enthusiastic and creative
  • Difficulty in undertaking work that requires too much physical activity or constant attention
  • Lacks consistency in action
  • Dreams of activity, flying, fearful and anxious situations