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Pitta Body type

The Pitta Body Type

Understanding Pitta Prakruti (Pitta Personality)

The Pitta body type, or dosha, combines the
fire with the water element and stands for the
energy principle.

  • Medium body frame, and weight
  • Intolerance to heat, and tendency to flush (dislikes hot drinks, food and environment.)
  • Excessive hunger and thirst
  • Rapid digestion and metabolism
  • Lots of moles, freckles or pimples
  • Early appearance of wrinkles
  • Balding and hair-falling tendency
  • Profuse sweat and urine, strong body odour
  • Softness in joins and muscles
  • Medium fertility
  • Sharp, intelligent and creative in nature
  • Radiant, valour, proud
  • Tendency towards anger, wealth, life span and knowledge
  • Requires a job in cooler atmosphere with creative, intelligent work
  • Dreams are fiery, gold, sun, lightening, quarrels, struggles