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Kapha Body type

The Kapha Body Type

Understanding Kapha Prakruti (Kapha Personality)

The Kapha body type, or dosha, integrates the
elements of earth and water and represents
the structure principle.

  • Hefty, robust and thick body frames with good, strong musculature
  • Good strength, immunity, vitality
  • Digestive and metabolic rate is slow
  • Longer life-span with good health
  • Requires less food and drink
  • Smooth and deep voice
  • Smooth, delicate, fair skin
  • Clear eyes, clear face
  • Often good looking
  • Calm and quiet nature
  • Slow food intake and speech
  • Steady energy; slow and graceful in action
  • Low body temperature, sweats less
  • Strong, well-formed joints
  • Dislikes cold or humid climates
  • Long-term memory
  • Attachment and detachment is slow
  • Walks slowly with stable footsteps on the earth, walks like a swan
  • Generous, intelligent, enthusiastic, strong, have plenty of means, resourceful
  • Can carry out work that is heavy or strenuous
  • Dreams are of birds, garlands swans, river, lake, ocean, romantic events